Tips for Cheap Cross-Country Moving

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Getting ready to relocate or travel the country? Due to all the preparations you must make before moving, this can be both an exciting and stressful time. You could need to look into schools for your children, sell your house, or rent a truck. Not to mention, it can be difficult to obtain work.

Most people need to take their finances into account while getting ready for a major relocation. In general, moving is expensive. But you’re not alone if you’re wondering how to relocate across the country on a tight budget. There are some clever things you can do to save the cost of your move and ease the transition to your new home.


Plan your move as early as you can, if at all possible. You can space out your costs and even start saving money when you have many months or even nearly a year to plan. Make sure you have enough money saved for a down payment, closing charges, and other expenses if you’re planning to purchase a property. If you plan to rent, you’ll need to save aside money for a security deposit and other moving-related expenses.

Early planning also gives you the opportunity to compare moving expenditure costs and find the best deal. Make a checklist and schedule your focus for the coming week or month to help you get ready for your move. Determine the amount you’ll set aside each pay period for the relocation.


Due to capacity limitations, you might not be able to bring everything you need depending on where you’re going. You’ll need to prioritize important items like your bedroom furniture, kitchenware, clothes, etc. because a moving truck can only hold so much stuff. Additionally, it is the ideal time to organize your home and get rid of whatever you don’t need.

Consider selling your used items to get extra money rather than simply selling or donating them. Start putting items up for sale on Offer Up or the Facebook Marketplace. Or, you may hold a sizable garage sale to get rid of everything you own. To help cover these costs, think about adding the money you earn back to your moving budget.


If you’re trying to relocate across the country on a tight budget, avoid paying for boxes. Instead, visit supermarkets and storage facilities and request their used boxes. When workers are replenishing and cleaning up, many stores wind up throwing away their boxes over night. So make a call and ask the manager if you may pick up the boxes at a specific time. Start conserving those boxes for packing if you frequently place a few Amazon orders every month.

Check prices on any packaging goods you might require. Compare prices with moving companies, office supply stores, big-box retailers like Walmart or Target, as well as your neighbourhood post office.


For relocation outside of the state, a moving truck may cost as much as $1,000 to $2,000. To begin planning for this, you’ll need to start saving money. You can compare prices by shopping around. To get quotations from the best movers, visit a comparison website like Since you probably won’t want to drive the truck all the way back to your starting point, ask about their rates for one-way excursions. Additionally, confirm that the truck has infinite or a sizable included mileage.


Lean on your neighbourhood and get moving assistance from neighbours and relatives. Depending on how much assistance you require, hiring professional movers can be highly expensive but it is convenient. Ask your close friends, family, or members of your church or other community organisation instead. They might be eager to assist you in settling in to your new location. In any case, it never hurts to inquire.


It’s crucial to start your job search several weeks before to moving if you require a new position. You can bargain a moving stipend if you get an offer letter. When an employer offers to pay for a portion of your moving expenses to help you settle in before you start working there, that offer is known as a moving stipend.

It’s worth asking even if you might not always obtain a moving allowance. With this money, you may relocate across the country on a tight budget and even pay for a moving truck or your new home’s security deposit.


Recognize that some of the lesser costs, such as food and snacks, can mount up while attempting to traverse the country on a tight budget. As you stop along the trip, don’t splurge and prepare some food in advance. For your lengthy trip, include sandwiches, finger foods, and lots of snacks. If you don’t have to make stops at restaurants, this can also help the journey go by more quickly. When you get to your new house, you can also treat your movers and yourself to takeout or a dinner at a restaurant.


You will need to pay some money to move across the country. It need not, however, completely empty your wallet. As you settle into your new home, you’ll have plenty to do. Don’t increase your financial burden by moving without a solid budget. Prepare a budget and a plan in advance. Compare prices and don’t be shy about asking for assistance or discounts.

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