Ration Card Holders: New Orders from the Government

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The ration rules will reportedly undergo a significant adjustment starting on April 20. The new law of rationing will be in effect starting on April 20. If you use the Free Ration Scheme and own a ration card, you should be aware of the new policy right away. Let us inform you that 269 districts will be affected by this new rule, among other areas.

Will be put into effect nationwide by March 2024

Let us inform you that fortified (nutrient-enriched) rice is being supplied through the public distribution system, according to the government. In numerous regions of the nation, construction of this facility has begun. Additionally, by March 2024, it will be put into effect in all districts.

Union Minister of Food provided information

Sanjeev Chopra, the Union Food Secretary, stated that it began to be implemented in various districts of Rajasthan on April 20. PM Modi has stated that wholesome items would be supplied through government programmes while delivering the information. The government has chosen to distribute fortified rice as a result.

Excellent move by the federal government

Sanjeev Chopra, the union’s food secretary, informed us that the state government has been distributing fortified rice successfully for the previous two stages. The Central Government’s initiative is excellent. It is really well received. In the past two years, positive results have been observed.

17 lakh tonnes of fortified rice are produced in the nation

According to the Food Secretary, distribution of fortified rice through PDS (ration shops) has already begun in 269 districts. The remaining districts will be covered before the allotted time period at the rate we are going. According to him, there are 735 districts in the nation, and more than 80% of the people eat rice in those areas. Because the country can currently produce roughly 17 lakh tonnes of fortified rice, there is enough of it available.

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