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Internet’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ pair makes an appeal for support in the face of a contentious video

The young culinary couple, who are from Jalandhar in Punjab, became well-known

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These 10 districts will experience heavy rain for the next three days

This has been disclosed by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). In central

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Top 5 Bank FD Rates 2023: These banks are offering interest rates of up to 8.5%

Banks provide both regular clients and senior individuals with favorable interest rates.

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Meta-Layoffs 2023: The news is coming today! There will be thousands of layoffs at Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Facebook's parent company Meta Layoffs will once more conduct a significant employee

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Ration Card Holders: New Orders from the Government

The ration rules will reportedly undergo a significant adjustment starting on April

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